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HERtels by Choice Hotels® is a program designed by women for women to empower female entrepreneurs throughout their hotel ownership journey.

Filling the Vacancy.

While there are more women investors, enthusiasts, innovators and up-and-comers in the hospitality industry than ever before, female entrepreneurs continue to encounter greater economic and societal barriers when trying to break into the industry.

Reserving Room for HER.

Through a tailored process, HERtels provides women with strategic pathways and turnkey solutions to grow and establish their unique journey in hospitality by offering:

In-house Financing Support

The program provides prospective hoteliers access to designated Choice Hotels associates who work with entrepreneurs to help strengthen their application, facilitate the lending process, and educate them on equitable financing terms.

Dedicated Training and Education

Upon joining, HERtels franchisees gain access to the company’s Choice University learning platform, as well as program-specific trainings to optimize their on-boarding and operating journey.

Personalized Mentoring

HERtels provides prospective owners access to executive coaching from industry veterans and connects the next generation of hoteliers with current Choice Hotels owners to leverage best practices and build confidence.

Checking into HER Future.

HERtels was created to help re-balance the scales of opportunity, and to help women become a force for change in the industry as a whole. As part of a company with a legacy of offering solutions that empower women to achieve their goals in hospitality, Choice Hotels is an ally to help any woman choose how she wants to define her own future.

“For any entrepreneur, starting a new business can be a daunting, capital-intensive endeavor, but the fact remains that compared to their male counterparts, women face drastically different lending terms and conditions.”

Pat Pacious, President and CEO, Choice Hotels

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